Map & Directions

You will need a car to reach Guardea, from Fiumicino or Ciampino airports in Rome (1hr and 20 minutes), or from the airports of Florence (2hrs drive) or Pisa (3hrs drive). The nearest train stations are a 10-15 minute drive at the bottom of the hill in Alviano and Attigliano. Guardea is up in the hills between the Attigliano and Orvieto exits from the A1 “Autostrada del Sole”. Once at Villa Tramonto, you do not need a car to enjoy the basics of daily life, go shopping and explore the local countryside, but you will need it to explore the neighboring towns and their restaurants.

Map of our general location

Our vacation rental home is located on a hill overlooking the village of Guardea in Italy.  The map shows the location of the Guardea town center.

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